MoVida Aqui


MoVida Aqui is a big space by the dome of the Supreme Court that gives us the chance to cook the food from Spain we never could in our other kitchens – paellas, made with slow-cooked sofrito, chorizo and mussels.

At the heart of MoVida Aqui is our charcoal grill. It’s an out dated style of cooking that the Spanish have never given up, but it’s part of who we are. Next to that is a brand-new sous-vide water bath. Ancient, traditional and modern, side-by-side in our kitchen. This is the essence that we try to capture at MoVida Aqui – a mix of the old with the new.

It’s a big, happy space, flooded with light with little nooks and special spaces.
Large groups are welcome and we are available for functions.

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